We often get asked questions by customers who are considering developing a website for the first time or ones who need a new or updated website. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about why it’s vital to have a first-class website for your business.

The reason you need a website is really simple. It’s your shop front. It’s the way potential customer can find you and it’s a way to generate new leads.  

Yes! Having a website is a great investment. When you consider, for many, it’s the only way you’ll be discovered via Google search, voice search and be recommended via other websites.  It will pay for itself through countless new sales!

Google search (and other search engines like Bing) have algorithms that scan websites to assess the type of business they are, what they offer and where they should appear in the search engines results pages.  In order to compete with other websites you’ll need to ensure your website is SEO friendly. 

What makes one website better than another will depend on many factors. Having an engaging design, content that’s useful and informative, and one that answers visitors questions, are essentially the ones that are more likely to appeal and subsequently rank higher in search results. 

Every business has customers.  And yours can be distilled into a set of ‘personas’ which are concentrated versions of your customers.  Typically a business will have no more than 2 or 3 personas that represent your entire customer base.  Personas are then used to help create appropriate user journey’s. If you know what your customers need, you can model your website accordingly.

If you want to get lots of quality leads and subsequent sales from your website you need to give a unique offering to your customers.  This could be a free resource such as a downloadable pdf, a free webinar or a free audit or assessment.