Social Media Support

Social Media is an amazing way to spread your story, launch a product, make offers and create a buzz. But it’s not just about creating a simple post on Facebook anymore, there’s strategy, branding, content and scheduling involved.  We can help you get the best out of social media by creating a consistent presence on your behalf, leaving you to get on with taking your business forward whilst we engage, delight and interact with your current and potential customers.

Our social media Strengths

There are many social media platforms and there is strength in knowing how to garner these to best affect.


Social media services


Your social media strategy will need to be thought through very carefully as not all social media platforms will be appropriate or relevant to your business.  For example if you are B2B then LinkedIn will be a key social channel or if you are B2C then you may find Facebook or Instagram more relevant.  We can examine your business and customer profiles to decide which social media channels are going to work best for your business and then we come up with an approach and subsequent social media plan.


Social media planning is where your plan works together with your content and campaign plan.  This should be part of your marketing mix and each element should work together across your website, your customer emails and your social platforms. You can create one message or story and this can be disseminated in different ways, across different channels and even to different types of customers.


There’s an easier way to schedule your social media posts and it normally involves using a social media scheduling piece of software.  there are a number of good ones that can be used.  There’s normally a free version in each case but the more complex your needs or the larger your company the more complex your needs for the software can be. We can help you choose the right social media software and then schedule your social media posts on your behalf.